This is a report that shows the spread and liquidity on one page.

What is spread and liquidity?
Spread: The spread is the difference between the current ask and bid price. Spread is the fee of your trading, and its value can be fixed or folating depending on your broker. Sometimes spread is 0, and the broker charges comission.
Why is spread cost so important? Read more >>>
Liquidity: Liquidity (a.k.a: tick numbers) tells you how much did your broker refreshed the market price in an hour. The greater the liquidity is, the more perfect the market of the broker is. With a broker providing you a high liquidity level, your trailing stop and your whole strategy will operate very smoothly, and this will have a huge positive effect on your profit.


1. The first section shows your Broker’s Name, the time period of the report and the digits of the currency pair.


2. Bid Chart

The upper chart shows the Bid price, facilitating an easier understanding of market events.


3. Spread and liquidity chart

This is the most essential part of this report, where you can see the changing of the spread, and the changing of liquidity.


4. Spread Size and Tick Density on one chart

You may find a correlation amongst the spread size, the tick density, the time and the events of the bid chart. In order to simplify the correlation search, you will find a Spread – Tick Number chart at the bottom of the page.


You will also find a summary of the highest and lowest values:



We also provide a SWAP Chart, where you can check the SWAPS of all the currencies available at the selected broker.


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