Personalized advices &
Forex Robot Programming

Personalized advice &
Forex Robot Programming

Personalized advice in broker selection:

With the help of the advanced broker and strategy analysis system, you will see information on the sensitivity of your strategy to spread, slippage and tick count.
For the analysis, the strategy needs to be fully implemented into an automated forex robot. With this expert advisor, we are able to test the effects of the data quality, usually referred to as operational risk. During the test, we run about 1000 to 10 000 simulations and using the results, we calculate the profit range with a probability of 95%, for a given month.

The result of the simulation provides important accurate information on the necessary broker specifications.

Forex Robot Programmers


The Forex Broker Stars team originates from a background of IT, financial and risk experts who have huge forex trading experience. We have programmed more than 90 forex robots for our clients in last year.

We develop all kinds of solutions, ranging from simple indicator based strategies to complex HFT trading systems using several input sources.

If you decide to go with the Forex Broker Stars team, as a forex broker programming team, we will provide you with personalized advice in selecting the most suitable forex broker for your needs.

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About forex robots

In 2014, more than 80% of trades were done by trading robots on the New York stock exchange. On the forex market, this value could easily be higher. A trading software is capable of supervising market movements within a 24-hour time period and is absolutely highly capable of making decisions within a tenth of a second.

There are 2 kinds of FX robots:

  • Fully Automatic systems
  • Semi- automatic systems

A fully automatic system opens and closes positions by itself. It is capable of making and managing positions without human intervention.

Semi-automatic systems are mainly for manual trading support. Not only are they able to alert the trader if given indicator lines or conditions are met, they also aid the trader’s position management in a pre-defined way. Naturally, in this case, opening a position is always done with the approval of the user.

Why use a custom forex robot?

In most cases, when you download a forex robot from the internet, you get very little information about the EA. You might get to know the indicators it uses and you might also get some information about the exit system, but in most cases the programmer won’t tell you anything about the hidden settings, or how to configure the robot to ensure optimal operation.


On the contrary, a custom-developed forex robot is much more capable of meeting your needs: You get complete information about its strategy and its method of operation. You will also get to know why it opens or closes a position, in addition to being fully informed about the circumstances in which it operates optimally.

The knowledge of the details of your robot will boost your confidence, together with your strategy, thus ensuring your success.

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