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Download 1 month FxPro EURUSD tick data

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Why is it important to download broker specific forex tick data?

Foreign exchange market is not a centralized market, therefore there can be huge differences in the market prices between the different broker companies. This differences can significantly influence the operation of the robots and strategies used on low timeframes.

The picture seen above shows the price of the GBPUSD in the same time, but in different broker companies. The same moving average indicates different trend even on 15 minute timeframe. This difference causing a completely different operation of the same EA.

In order to get reliable test results, it is very important to test on broker specific tick data. But the data downloaded by Meta Trader 4 is not good quality at the most of the time.


Sometimes the 3 month data what is available in your MT4, just simply not enough for you, therefore you need an FX tick data download source.

Forex Broker Starts system saves the historical data of more and more broker companies, making its clients to be able to test on good quality data.

The historical forex tick data can be downloaded in CSV format from our servers. Both Tick Data Suite and TickStory programs are good to import them into your MT4 platform.

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