How to select a forex broker?

How to select a forex broker?

Forex broker selection used to be an experiment involving real funding: You found a review about a broker, then opened an account at the broker, and then you started testing it, hoping what you read was true.

However, we are happy to announce that from now on, there will be no further need for paid reviews and broker testing!

Forex Broker Stars scans trader accounts directly and displays real facts with regards to the following:
  • Spread
  • Swap
  • Slippage
  • Daily tick count (tick density), and
  • Trading anomalies

With this knowledge at hand you shall be able to examine or compare any forex broker!

How this works at Forex Broker Stars:

  • You need to register with the Forex Broker Stars system.

  • If you provide your account and your investor password to the system, Forex Broker Stars shall then be able start the account scanning service.

  • FBS keeps your account details secure. Safety and secrecy are amongst our most important priorities.

  • You will find the reports generated from your trading data in our File Bank. These are refreshed every week.

  • You can browse other broker performance reports, compare them, and select the best broker for your needs.

  • Downloading broker-specific tick data is also possible from our File Storage Server.


Historical Swap Charts


Aggregate Broker Report


Spread and Tick Numbers


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