Which is the best Forex Broker?

Which is the best forex broker?

which-is-the-best-forex-broker The best forex broker for you depends on your needs!
The Forex Broker Stars system helps you to select a broker that is the most suitable for you.

Four steps in choosing the best Forex Broker:

1. Step: Start by registering with the Forex Broker Stars system. FBS will then scan and save the:

  • spread + commission,
  • swap,
  • and slippage
onto your Account.
To do this you need to give us your investor password. This will enable us able see every event on your account, but we shall not be able to open or close any position.

2. Step: With the measured data, and the analysis of your strategy, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How sensitive is your strategy to the changing spread, slippage and tick count?
  • Is your current broker the best forex broker for you?

To do the strategy analysis, download the FBS analysis tool pack from here for free. Then build it in into your Expert Advisor. With this you shall be able to test the effect of the changing slippage and spread on your strategy.

Still don’t have your Strategy in Expert Advisor?

Get in touch with us to develop the program for you.

3. Step: FBS has an increasing number of clients, and as a result, it tracks a lot of brokers. This enables it help You find the best forex broker for You.

You just need to give us the names of the instruments you trade on,

and we will tell you the 5 best forex brokers for you in every aspect.

4. Step: Back testing and optimization are essential parts of strategy development. We shall provide the tick data of the selected forex broker enabling you to run very precise and relevant tests, which will increase your profit.

You can skip any point, but we recommend doing your development in the order above.

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